By The Numbers: August 19, 2011

By: Neapolitan, 11:19 PM GMT op 19 augustus 2011

With today's designation of TS Harvey, the 2011 North Atlantic Hurricane Season is off to a wild (in terms of number of storms) yet mild (in terms of Accumulated Cyclone Energy, or ACE). Climatologically-speaking--that is, from 1966 through 2009--we can expect the eighth named storm of the season on September 24. 2011 is, thus, five weeks ahead of schedule. However, also climatologically-speaking, the first hurricane from the aforementioned 1966-2009 period has appe...

Updated: 3:50 PM GMT op 11 december 2012

By The Numbers: 2010/09/29

By: Neapolitan, 10:10 PM GMT op 29 september 2010

With today's designation (and rapid dissipation) of the very-wet Nicole as a tropical storm, the 2010 hurricane season stands at a pretty remarkable 14-7-5. To put that into perspective, that's just three named storms behind what 2005 (which ended with 27) had on this date, three behind 1933 (21), and just one behind 1995 (20). Finishing up the season at the same distance behind those years would give us, respectively, 24, 18, or 19 named storms. That's assuming a d...

Updated: 1:21 PM GMT op 30 september 2010

By The Numbers: 2010/09/22

By: Neapolitan, 12:46 PM GMT op 22 september 2010

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the birth of Danielle. At the 11AM EDT TWO on August 22nd, the season TC count stood at 3-1-0, and ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) was an anemic 9.095. Since then, we've gone an astounding 9-5-5, and have gathered an additional 117.34 ACE units. That's an average of one named storm every 3.45 days, a major hurricane every 6.2 days, and 3.78 ACE units per day.With Lisa, we now have seen six September storms (and there's a lik...

By The Numbers: 2010/09/19

By: Neapolitan, 9:54 PM GMT op 19 september 2010

A few highlights from the day:As of today, Igor will go down in the books as the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with a gale diameter of 633 miles/1,018 km. Igor takes the number one spot from 1966's Faith, which had a gale diameter of 605 miles/973 km.As of today's 5pm TWO, Igor's ACE is 39.4875, which is--perhaps incredibly--higher than that of any storm in the Atlantic since 2004's Hurricane Ivan. ACE-wise, Igor has been a more energetic storm than even 200...

Updated: 1:13 AM GMT op 20 september 2010

By The Numbers: 2010/09/17

By: Neapolitan, 12:27 AM GMT op 18 september 2010

A few highlights from the day:In just the past seven days, we've gathered as much ACE as the entire 2009 season, and in just the past five days, we've gathered as much ACE as all of 1997.26 days ago, the seasonal storm count stood at 3-1-0, and ACE was barely over nine. In those 26 days since, we've gone 8-5-5, and gathered nearly 106 ACE units. That is, quite literally, an entire average season's worth of ACE, nearly an entire average year's worth of both tropical ...

Updated: 12:44 AM GMT op 18 september 2010

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