Happy 2015 Summer!

By: seflagamma, 12:27 AM GMT op 07 juni 2015

June 10, 2015:
We are home from our 3 day 3 night mini vacation in Key Largo at the Marriott Resort. It was great. Stacey & I had such a good time just getting away and relaxing in paradise. We have stayed at many Marriott Resorts in our days but never at this one. We will go back here again. Each Marriott Beach Resort is different according to where they are. This one was very Florida Keys with Kayaks and SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards you would rent, and just r...

Updated: 6:02 PM GMT op 13 juli 2015

Base Ball Season is Here! Go St Louis Cardinals!!! Happy Spring!

By: seflagamma, 9:18 PM GMT op 20 maart 2015

May 10, 2015: Happy Mother's Day! I just loaded 8 new photos from yesterday of our new smoker we had custom made and delivered yesterday and today's Mother's Day Brunch. I did not get as many pictures as I normally take but I did have a couple I loaded here and waiting approval. Hope all of you had a great weekend.
And how about those St Louis Cardinals!!!!!

April 6, 2015: Well last night the St Louis Cards beat the Chicago Cubs in the fir...

Updated: 12:29 AM GMT op 11 mei 2015

Happy New Year 2015

By: seflagamma, 1:57 PM GMT op 31 december 2014

Well another year is almost in the history books and I say good riddance to 2014.

But we have gone 9 years without a Hurricane hitting Florida so that is good and maybe our luck will hold out a little longer.

So our toast to the new year is "May the best of 2014 be the worse of 2015" that is what my husband says every year and it is a good thing to hope for.

All you WU friends, I wish you all the best and have a safe, healthy & hap...

Updated: 3:03 PM GMT op 04 februari 2015

It's Christmas Time!

By: seflagamma, 2:52 PM GMT op 29 november 2014

Nov. 29, 2014: I said I would set up a new blog thread soon with some Christmas/Holiday decoration photos.

We have all just finished our Thanksgiving Meals and I always associated Thanksgiving as the kick off start of the Holidays. This will be our first Christmas Eve without some of the kids & grands. Greg will be working & The Boston Bunch (Scott, Betsey, Baron & Teagan) think now the kids are getting older it is time for them to have Christmas in th...

Updated: 12:29 AM GMT op 24 december 2014

Happy Thanksgiving ! Happy Halloween!

By: seflagamma, 9:54 PM GMT op 31 oktober 2014

Nov 26, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
I will set up a new blog thread next week or so when I post pictures of my Christmas Decorations. Plus this one is getting old.
Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Oct 31, 2014. Let me give this another try!
Thanks for all the help you gave me on my HELP blog to fix my problem.

So Here are the maps:


Updated: 11:07 PM GMT op 26 november 2014

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