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Earth Headed For its Hottest Year on Record After a Record-Warm September

Dr. Jeff Masters, 20 oktober 2014

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

September 2014 was Earth's warmest September on record, the period January - September was tied with 1998 and 2010 as the warmest first three-quarters of any year on record, and the past 12 months--October 2013 through September 2014--was the warmest consecutive 12-month period among all months since records began in 1880, said NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) today. If 2014 maintains the same temperature departure from average for the remainder of the year as was observed during January - September, it will be the warmest calendar year on record.

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Musings on a Modest Proposal

Dr. Ricky Rood, 20 oktober 2014

Professor, University of Michigan

Presently, my analysis is that our federal model for supporting research and development is in a spiral of decline: increased volatility in programs, lower success rates in proposals, reduction of percentage of salary obtained in a proposal. There is no doubt that the political instability in Washington extends through to the day-to-day practice of science – perhaps, disruption is the goal of our science policy makers. It is counter to what a nation needs to compete in the world, and it is counter to what is needed to address the challenges we face as a nation and individuals.

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Superstorm Sandy: To Warn or Not to Warn, That is the Question?

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 20 oktober 2014

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

Two years after Superstorm Sandy, conversations about the storm are still inspiring, depressing, contentious, and uplifting at the same time. Author Kathryn Miles captures all of these adjectives in h...

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A Few Comments about “Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy”

Bryan Norcross, 20 oktober 2014

Hurricane Specialist, The Weather Channel

A review of the new book, "Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy" by Kathryn Miles.

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Steve Gregory, 19 oktober 2014

Sr. Forecaster/Risk Analysis, Weather Intel Services

Hurricane ANA brings Tropical Storm winds to Kauai while milder Temperatures should develop across most of the nation this week.

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Win $2,000 of my gear!

Jim Root, 16 oktober 2014

Professional Bass Angler

I've been really fortunate this year to work with some of the best companies in the outdoor world. Now we've gotten together and created the biggest contest of year! The It's Raining Gear contest is going to bring a boat load of gear to one very lucky winner.

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Watching Gonzalo nearing Bermuda

Portlight, 17 oktober 2014

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight is monitoring the situation in the tropics as Hurricane Gonzalo is nearing Bermuda. We have reached out to stakeholders in preparation of His impact there.If needed, Portlight stands ready to assist in any way we can.

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Approach of the Climatological Fall

Zachary Labe, 20 augustus 2014

Northeast Weather Analyst

Seasonable weather will continue and finish off the climatological summer.

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