February 2014 Forecast: Almost thought it was summer!

By: Mikeman444, 8:20 AM GMT op 31 januari 2015

After a January that felt at time like summer what wacky and weird weather could February have in store. First lets look back at this "summer in January' stuff. Normally I don't delve so deep into the past month. While I did a forecast for Jan I forgot to press "post". I prediction a warm mid-month and cold by the 20th, the heat lasted longer and was more intense than predicted.

While January got off to a frigid start it turned very warm, dozens of record...

Updated: 8:22 AM GMT op 31 januari 2015

Winter 2014/15 forecast: "Another cold one please"

By: Mikeman444, 7:17 PM GMT op 28 december 2014

(I know my forecast is late, "Holidays")
Another warm Fall followed by yet another cold winter. Seems the weather is stuck!
For the 5th year in a row it dipped below -25C in November. This years November deep freeze went as low as -33C.
On the hot side it reached or exceeded 30C in Late September for the 4th year in a row.
Early September saw an unusual cold snap that triggered a snowstorm that caused significant damage, braking trees and power ...

December 2014 Forecast: A little better

By: Mikeman444, 3:37 AM GMT op 02 december 2014

Winter actually arrived around the time mentioned in my "fall 2014 forecast" making my forecasts better in the long term and short. My monthly November forecast turned into a complete flop, instead of being warmer than normal a persistent blast of frigid air resulted in the month being closer to 3C degrees below normal, with snowfall higher than the norm. around 40cm total.
With temperatures dipping below -33C during the month marking Nov 2014 the 4th frigid No...

November 2014 Forecast: Winter's first attemps

By: Mikeman444, 4:48 AM GMT op 03 november 2014

A warm to very warm October was tamed only by a return for more normal temperatures by the last week. The month was also very dry, Wildfires were still a problem coming into November. However, we still see winter inching it't way in a few times and November started this way along a wide strip Covering southern Alberta, Eastern Alberta and west Central sask. In a line from Lethbridge,AB to Prince Albert,SK. These areas should count on not being the driest in the pra...

October 2014 Forecast: The usual with the unusual.

By: Mikeman444, 12:16 AM GMT op 04 oktober 2014

(my October forecast is a bit delayed due to midterm)
After a September of extremes the month of October Is starting off on the same fall roller coaster that is ridden almost every year. Though the conditions are likely to trend more to the warm side.

Looking Back at September we saw extremes at both ends. Heavy snow early in the month snapped trees in most of Alberta, while the rest of the prairies suffered a hard frost, with temperatures dipping t...

Updated: 2:07 AM GMT op 04 oktober 2014

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