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By: Jonas, 5:58 PM GMT op 16 april 2014

I have changed this post text about three times attempting to get it to read as I want, so far no success. So, I'll just leave the highlights and write another in a while.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention CLCL the extended clipboard program which I have been using since its conception. Works well on Windows 7 64bit, too. CLCL returns everything exactly as it is captured and saves what you copy when the computer is shut off.

Updated: 7:01 PM GMT op 18 april 2014

Not too bad, people!

By: Jonas, 6:01 PM GMT op 15 april 2014

This is not a bad looking site, well done!

I dropped in a few weeks ago to have look at the place, been absent for quite a while and things have changed.

I'll have to pay my membership dues, seems I let it lapse. Been busy.

I suggest a category for cranky old guys like me, might be titled, "Cynical".


NOAA Bound.

By: Jonas, 8:35 PM GMT op 24 augustus 2012

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