What's Up at You Tube

By: Jonas, 2:50 AM GMT op 26 november 2014

I dropped in at You Tube looking for a few older tunes and saw the site is filled with more music than the Met. I saw operas for which I have paid upwards to seventy-five dollars on vinyl, or CD; now free for the taking. I feel a little guilty when I download the material.

I found a few pieces of music and the opera "Martha" . . . I downloaded the latter because I like the opera, it is easy listening.

Rather than fuss with Photobucket a...

CaTrain & Etc..

By: Jonas, 4:35 AM GMT op 17 november 2014

Sorry about the play error on the CaTrain video. It's working now.

The motherboard (system board) in this PC went bad a few months ago, followed immediately by the hard drive. The system board just quit as in, “I’m out of here!” The hard drive had a few blue screens, then the “fatal tick” and that was all she wrote, both literally and figuratively. I went with an older Intel system board to accommodate my older parts, i.e., RAM and CPU. To ...

Updated: 2:08 AM GMT op 21 november 2014

In September of 2009 . . .

By: Jonas, 5:35 PM GMT op 22 juli 2014

Facebook Farm Town

In September of 2009 my youngest son suggested I have a look at Facebook Farm Town. I did, thought it was more like “Toon Town” and sat the idea aside for about two weeks before I took another look at the game. After a few hours of playing the game I began to develop a liking for it’s simplicity, lack of violence and private entertainment concept, something like a good book and a cup of hot tea ambiance. Mostly there was no rus...

Chicago Cubs and Android . . .

By: Jonas, 11:51 PM GMT op 02 juni 2014

Chicago Cubs and Android . . .

My mother-in-law was a relative of Ralph Houk and during the years he was the coach of The Denver Bears, she had a front row seat behind the dugout. When I told my children that their grandmother listened to Bears on AM radio every time they played (prior to Ralph Houk and thereafter) and that she could tell you facts about the team that are usually available in a record book, they were surprised. The woman loved minor lea...

Updated: 3:50 PM GMT op 03 juni 2014

NOAA Bound.

By: Jonas, 8:35 PM GMT op 24 augustus 2012

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