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Hello all!!! Sorry to be such a stranger these past 6 months. I really have no excuse other than my computer has a nasty virus that's not a threat, but I have to close the fake warning that it sends every 2 minutes. That was what started my hiatus,but since it's been so long, I feel incredibly liberated. I don't have to update...I don't have a facebook that I have to check all the time...I am FREE from technology LOL!

I have been here at the blogs ev...

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Will this Winter mirror last year? It won't bother me one bit if it does. Last Winter started typical enough, and so far Bangor has been on the same path. As with last Winter, we have started out a little above average on snowfall. Last year, 14 inches of snow fell January 18-20th, and that was the end of the heavy stuff. A record rainfall of 1.71" and 51 degrees melted most of the snow on January 25. Winter was effectively over after that. A few stray inches...

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2009 Precipitation--January: 1.77" Average: 3.34"..........Snow: 27.7" Average: 18.7"February: 2.47" Average: 2.54"..........Snow: 24.8" Average: 15.1"March: 1.68" Average: 3.44"..........Snow: 10.7" Average: 11.2"April: 3.99" Average: 3.32"..........Snow: 0.00" Average: 4.5"May: 3.94" Average: 3.40"June: 8.12"RECORD Average: 3.41"July: 5.61" Average: 3.24"August: 2.70" Average: 2.99...

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2008 TEMPERATURE DEPARTURE FROM AVERAGE MEAN--January: 2.8 Degrees above averageFebruary: <0.1 Degrees above average (+2 degrees divided by 29 days)March: 3.4 Degrees below averageApril: 1.3 Degrees above averageMay: 1.2 Degrees below averageJune: 0.5 Degrees above averageJuly: 2.0 Degrees above averageAugust: 2.6 Degrees below averageSeptember: 0.1 Degrees above averageOctober: 1.2 Degrees below averageNovember: 0.4 Degrees above averageDecember: EVENYEAR: Slightl...

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