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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 04:55 PM EDT on May 6, 2015

... NWS damage survey for Edmonson County, Kentucky 04/25/2015
tornado and straight line wind event...

Tornado information:

.Edmonson County Kentucky tornado damage survey...

Ef scale rating: EF-2
estimated peak wind: 111-115 mph
path length/statue/: 0.2 miles
path width/maximum/: 220 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: Apr 25 2015
start time: 8:12 PM EDT
start location: 6.2 miles northwest of Brownsville
start lat/lon: 37.25 N / -86.36 W

End date: April 25, 2015
end times: 8:14 PM EST
end location: 6 miles northwest of Brownsville end
lat/lon: 37.25 N / -86.34

Survey summary:

A narrow tornado developed quickly just west of 3667 grassland Black
Gold Road (highway 1365) and snapped a few softwood and few hard
wood large limbs. The 50 yard wide tornado produced winds around 90
mph (ef1) initially. The tornado quickly increased in size and
speed and became much wider for a shorter time. During this time
it crossed Highway 1365 uprooted, snapped and severely twisted over
200 trees in a heavily forested area around a deep karst ravine.

Winds increased to 111-115 mph (ef2) and uprooted and twisted many
Oak, Sycamore trees, and hard Maple trees. A drone was used to
pinpoint the exact storm end point which was about 100 yards east of
Highway 1365 near a farmers field.

An additional area of damage occurred 1.5 miles ENE of Roundhill or
about 3 miles WSW of the EF-2 tornado. This damage was surveyed by
volunteer general aviation pilot, donn Wimmer. His aerial photos
combined with radar analysis revealed 20 to 30 mostly uprooted
Hardwood trees laying in a divergent pattern, indicative of straight
line winds. Radar confirms that this area was south of the tornadic
circulation. Damage occurred at 811 PM EDT, and estimated winds were
70 mph.

There were other sporadic straightline wind damage throughout the

The National Weather Service would like to thank Edmonson County
emergency manager Patrick Prunty for his assistance with the survey,
and pilot donn Wimmer for his aerial survey. In addition, we would
like to sincerely thank Landon Hampton from wxornot Bowling Green
who used a drone to help pinpoint the beginning and end Point of the
short eighth of mile tornado track. Last but not least we would
like to thank western Kentucky meteorology students Jacob Wilkins
and Zack leasor for their help.

Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories:

EF0... weak... ... 65 to 85 mph
EF1... weak... ... 86 to 110 mph
EF2... strong... .111 to 135 mph
EF3... strong... .136 to 165 mph
EF4... violent... 166 to 200 mph
EF5... violent... >200 mph

Note: the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS
storm data.

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