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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:37 am CDT on August 1, 2015

... July in Rochester Minnesota received below normal temperatures
and slightly above normal precipitation...

The average July temperature at Rochester was 69.5 degrees... which
was 1.9 degrees below normal. The average high was 79.4 degrees and
the average low was 59.6 degrees. The highest temperature for the
month was 89 degrees... which occurred on the 13th. The coldest
temperature for the month was 50 degrees... which occurred on the 2nd.

The total precipitation for July was 4.94 inches... which was thirty
nine hundredths of an inch above normal. The greatest 24-hour
precipitation amount was 1.67 inches... which occurred on the 27th
through the 28th.

... Records...

1.67 inches of rain fell at the Rochester international Airport on
July 28th. This breaks the record precipitation amount of 1.21
inches previously set in 1942.

... Discussion...

In the month of July... Rochester received below normal temperatures.
The coldest period occurred from the 1st through the 11th... where
the average daily temperature ranged from 0 to 12 degrees below
normal. The warmest stretched occurred from the 24th through the
28th... where the average daily temperature ranged from 3 to 4
degrees above the normal. There were zero days where the temperature
climbed to or above 90 degrees. Typically... there are 3 days where
the temperature climbs to or above 90 degrees.

Rochester received slightly above normal precipitation during the
month of July. There were 8 days of measurable precipitation during
the month. Of those 8 days... there were 2 days where one inch or
more of precipitation fell. The wettest period occurred from the
16th through the 18th... where 2.24 inches of precipitation fell. The
driest period occurred from the 7th through the 15th... where six
hundredths of an inch of precipitation fell.

... Looking ahead to August...

The average temperature for the month is 69.1 degrees. The average
high temperature is 78.9 degrees and the average low temperature is
59.3 degrees. Typically... Rochester receives 1 day of 90 degrees at
or above. The coldest temperature in the month was 32 degrees which
occurred on the 30th in 1915.

The average precipitation in August is 4.52 inches with typically 11
days of measurable precipitation. There are normally 6 days with
thunderstorms during the month in Rochester. The greatest one day
precipitation amount was 5.16 inches which occurred on the 18th in

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