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Statement as of 3:39 PM EDT on September 30, 2014

...Rainfall record tied at Charleston Airport for September 2014...

During the month of September of this year the Charleston Airport recorded measurable rainfall on 18 of the 30 days. This ties 2014 with 1979 for the most days during the month of September with measurable rainfall. /Measurable rainfall is considered rainfall of at least 0.01 inches./

Days in September with measurable rainfall at the Charleston Airport...

1. 2014...18 days 1. 1979...18 days 3. 1975...17 days 4. 1989...16 days 5. 1996...15 days 6. 1957...15 days 7. 1955...15 days

Records at the Charleston Airport go back to 1938.

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