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Statement as of 4:39 PM EDT on July 1, 2015

... Damage survey information from Tuesday June 30 2015...

... Summary...

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee reviewed damage
reports from areas across the Florida Panhandle and southwestern
Georgia following two separate storms that impacted the region on
Tuesday June 30 2015. In both instances... damage from these storms
was found to be consistent with straight line winds and not
tornadoes. Widespread wind gusts of 60 to 65 mph were associated
with these storms with pockets of wind damage consistent with 70
to 80 mph winds.

... Storm number 1...

This storm organized over the Florida Panhandle across
western Jackson and Washington County around 1225 PM EDT (1125 am
cdt). This storm produced sporadic reports of wind damage west of
Marianna before intensifying near the Apalachicola River. A
measured wind gust of 60 mph was reported at Sneads Landing around
119 PM EDT with numerous trees reported down in the area.

The storm intensified across eastern Gadsden County and approached
northern Leon County by around 2 PM et. Several trees were reported
down along the track of the storm in northwestern Leon County. These
reports were concentrated along a line from near the old Tallahassee
Commercial Airport... across Lake Jackson to near Timberlane Road.
More significant wind damage was observed as the storm moved across
Thomasville Road and into the killearn estates subdivision.
Numerous large trees were snapped or uprooted in this area with
many trees falling on homes. Wind damage became more sporadic on
the east side of the subdivision by the time the storm reached
Centerville Road. Limited wind damage was observed across the
eastern side of Leon County. The storm exited Leon County around
235 PM et.

This storm continued to weaken while moving eastward across
Jefferson and Madison counties... producing only minor wind damage in
these areas.

Throughout the duration of this storm... damage along its path was
consistent with straight line winds. While most areas received
damaging winds in the 55 to 65 mph range... pockets of stronger
winds in the 70 to 75 mph range... were likely from Lake Jackson
eastward through killearn estates.

Widespread wind gusts... 60 to 65 mph.
Peak wind gusts... 70 to 75 mph mainly in killearn estates in

... Storm two...
the second notable severe storm to affect the region
entered the western portion of the Tallahassee area of
responsibility in Walton County around 345 PM EDT (245 PM cdt).
This storm slowly intensified moving eastward across Walton and
Washington counties before producing a measured wind gust at the
Panama City Airport of 68 mph at 437 PM EDT. The storm appears to
have reached peak intensity over the next hour moving across
Jackson... Calhoun and western Liberty counties. Widespread wind
damage was observed in the city of Blountstown with one structure
damaged downtown. In Jackson County numerous trees were snapped
around the city of Marianna. The Marianna Airport reported a wind
gust to 53 mph at 451 PM EDT.

The northern portion of the storm produced a concentrated area of
wind damage in southwest Decatur County in Georgia about 5 miles
southwest of Bainbridge. The damage occurred in a two mile area
along Spring Creek Road. Two barns collapsed and approximately 40
trees were downed in this portion of the County.

The storm moved into western Leon and Wakulla counties just before 6
PM and produced measured wind gusts of 61 mph at the Tallahassee
Airport and the NWS office at Florida State University around 610
PM EDT. Numerous trees were reported downed all across Leon
County. In Wakulla County... tree damage was more widespread from
Crawfordville Highway eastward into Saint Marks.

The storm weakened slightly into Jefferson... Madison and Taylor
counties producing wind gusts occasionally in the 60 to 65 mph
range. Jefferson County reported more than 40 trees down across
the County.

Throughout the duration of this storm... damage along its path was
consistent with straight line winds. While most areas received
damaging winds in the 60 to 65 mph range... pockets of stronger
winds... in the 75 to 80 mph range... were likely from central
Calhoun County into western Liberty... particularly in the city of

Widespread wind gusts... 60 to 65 mph.
Peak wind gusts... 75 to 80 mph... primarily in Calhoun County
Florida and in the city of Blountstown.

This storm also tracked across the entire area of responsibility
for the Tallahassee weather office... producing damage reports
along its entire path. This is a path of more than 180 miles from
Walton County Florida to the Suwannee River.

... Acknowledgements...

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee would like to thank
our emergency management partners across North Florida and south
Georgia for their quick response and assistance in collecting
these damage reports.

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